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Upcoming events

    • 11 Mar 2024
    • Pictureline


    bring you

    Lighting with Glen Ricks

    March 11, 2024

    at the Pictureline Event Center

    305 West 700 South

    Salt Lake City, UT 84101

    9:30am to 1:30pm

    Event parking is on the street outside the gates please.


    25 Rules for better portraiture 

    Class description:  Learn tips and techniques that will take you to the next level of photography

    ▪Facial analysis for portraits - How to best photograph the 4 basic facal shapes (triangle, oval, round, long)

    ▪Learn the 5 angles of the face  (hands on)

    ▪Lighting patterns to compliment the face (hands on) 

    ▪Corrective posing and lighting techniques

    ▪Take the mystery out of Lighting ratios  

    Class length:  9:30a - 1:30p  @Pictureline  March 11th

    3 takeaways for students:


    1.Learn how to analyze a face to find the best angles to photograph.

    2.Take the mystery out of lighting ratios

    3.Learn tips and techniques that will take you to the next level of photography

    About Glen:

    A Rexburg, Idaho native, Glen started Ricks Photo Studio in 1979 out of his apartment while attending BYU. In 1982, Glen opened a store front in the Carillon Square in Orem. In 1991 he remodeled and changed the name of his business to Glen Ricks Photography and in 2002 he moved to his current location, his dream studio, a 100+ year old Victorian home on Main Street in American Fork, Utah. Today Glen Ricks Photography, Inc. is considered one of the top portrait photographers in Utah. It is recognized as a business of excellence.

    Not Just Local

    Not only does Glen take you to beautiful locations here in Utah Valley, like the sandy beach at Utah Lake, the mountain canyons, golden grass fields or an area near your home, but he also has a beautiful camera room and portrait garden right on site. It is his goal to create images that are customized to his clients’ desires. His portrait and wedding assignments have taken him as far away as Hawaii and Mexico City.

    Merits & Awards

    Glen’s local and national awards are numerous. He is currently recognized as one of only a handful of photographers in Utah holding the degrees of Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsmen and Certified Professional Photographer. He has won many awards for his photographic excellence including the prestigious National Kodak Gallery Award.

    Community Service

    Glen has a reputation for fine quality and because of this, he has served on the boards of several organizations. He is currently a member of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, the American Fork Chamber of Commerce, the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association and Rotary International. He spent 16 years as the official photographer for Provo’s Freedom Festival.

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