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Dedicated to improving the photographic industry through Professionalism, Craftsmanship, and Comradery.

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Click here to enter merits you've earned:  Merit Tracker

NOTE - merits are earned from October to October.  Any merit entered after the cutoff for the year will not be considered for the following year.

This spreadsheet is also helpful in tracking your merits throughout the year.

Degrees & Awards

Purpose of the Service, Photographic, Education, and Fellowship Degrees

The purpose of the Degrees & Awards program of the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association is to encourage participation and strengthen the leadership within the organization. It is was created to recognize those who have served IPPA, attended events, entered the IPPA Print competitions, or helped educate and improve their fellow photographers in the IPPA.

In 2020, we revamped our program with new awards & ways to earn merits, as outline below.  If you have any questions or concerns with anything for the merit program, please reach out to an IPPA board member.

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