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Adilfa Ford

Creative Lighting and Posing – Keeping it Simple

Lighting ratios, short light, broad light, butterfly, and split. Does it really matter? Do I really need to know all these technical terms to be a good photographer? The terms maybe not but the concepts absolutely. Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Vermeer knew a lot about lighting but they studied their whole lives and were geniuses. In this class we are going to simplify the technical. We’ll talk not only about the types of lighting but what are they good for and how to consistently achieve them. What lighting modifier should I use? And the big one for me since I photograph a lot of dancers, how do I freeze action? Did you know you can add or take away 20 pounds on most people through simple posing? We’ll discuss masculine and feminine posing and how to quickly and efficiently pose 15 individuals into a family pose. Everything you ever wanted to know about lighting and posing made simple. You don’t have to be a genius to create beautiful lighting and posing but you do need to learn the basics.

Adilfa Ford - Master Photog., Craftsman, CPP

Adilfa Ford is the owner and president of Don Polo Photography Inc., a fine art portrait and wedding photography studio in business for over 26 years.

Adilfa prides herself on exceptional customer service and the best quality product in the industry.  That and her exciting and dynamic personality have made Don Polo Photography one of the intermountain area’s leading portrait studios.

Adilfa is a past president of the Intermountain Professional Photographer’s Association (IPPA) and served as a volunteer board member for eight years. She currently represents the state of Utah on the PPA Council. She also serves on the Heart Gallery committee to promote adoption through professional photography and believes very strongly in business giving back to the community through service and charity events.

Adilfa was born on a farm in La Luz, Venezuela without electricity or running water.  She was raised by her grandparents and named her business for her grandfather who taught her about integrity and honesty in life and in business.  He could not read or write but people said that when he gave his hand to seal a deal that was better than any contract.  The only photographs that Adilfa has of her mother and grandparents, now deceased are the ones she took after becoming a professional photographer.  One of the reasons that she became a professional photographer was to educate her community on the value of professional portraits.

Adilfa has won many awards for her work and been featured in several national photography magazines.  She has been a IPC medalist 6 years in a row and loves to speak and judge at PPA affiliate organizations. Adilfa speaks fluent Spanish and has taught photography seminars to photographers all over the world.  Adilfa is a Certified Professional Photographer and has been awarded the Photographic Craftsman and Master of Photography degree by Professional Photographers of America.  Adilfa is also the recipient of the coveted Professional Photographers of America’s National Award given for exceptional dedication and service to the photographic industry

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